Benq Launches New DV S11 Camcorder With Pico Projector

Benq have just added a new camcorder with a built in pico projector to their range called the DV S11. The new model is equipped with a 5 mega pixel, 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor which allows it to capture 1080p videos.

The camcorder is fitted with 10 shooting modes for easy control and use rather than forcing the user to use individual settings.

Benq DV S11

With its built in pico projector the DV S11 can be used any time to share the footage you have taken or presentations that have been uploaded to its internal memory.

Benq DV S11

Being capable of then showing these with up to a 50 inch screen size. The DV S11 also has a HDMI connection and AV output and accepts SD/SDHC storage cards.

The new camcorder is currently available in Hong Kong for around $300

Via Akihabara News

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