Awesome Pi-to-Go Raspberry Pi Mini Laptop Created

We have featured a number of excellent mods using the Raspberry Pi mini computer since its launch but this Pi-to-Go Raspberry Pi mod has to be one of the best.

The Pi-to-Go Raspberry Pi has been created using the Google Sketch software and a 3D printer to create the case, which is equipped with a  Raspberry Pi model B mini computer, a 640 x 480 LCD screen and a QWERTY Keyboard with a built-in touchpad.

Pi-to-Go Raspberry Pi Mini Laptop

Storage on the Pi-to-Go Raspberry Pi device is provided by a 64GB Samsung solid state disk (SSD), and its all powered by a rechargeable battery, providing the system with over 10 hours of usable juice.

“The LCD I used is from an after market backup camera system that can be installed in a car. The screen is a low resolution and I hope to find a better upgrade for my next version of the mobile RPi to-go. So for this proof of concept, it works just fine. The screen is 3.5″ using a 4:3 aspect ratio. It uses a composite input and is able to display a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.”

If you fancy building your very own Pi-to-Go Raspberry Pi all the components required to make it came to around $400, but you might already have a few of the components lying around your workshop. For full instructions and more details jump over to the Parts People website.



Source: Parts People : Engadget

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