Asus Dual Screen Laptop features a touchscreen keyboard

Asus has shown of a new dual screen laptop concept at CeBit, which they have been working on for some time, and instead of featuring a single screen and a keyboard, it has two screens, one of which can be used for a touchscreen keyboard.

The design which is aptly named by Asus as ‘a revolutionary dual panel concept notebook’, was inspired by ideas which were submitted to the website from people around the World.

Asus Dual Screen Laptop

The dual screen laptop is designed to be flexible, and users will be able to select a virtual keyboard and use it like a traditional laptop, or as a tablet PC.

Asus Dual Screen Laptop

Whilst this is only a concept at the moment, Asus do have a semi working prototype that they are showing off at CeBit, so I am sure it wont be long before we see either this laptop, or something vcery similar from Asus using this technology.

Asus Dual Screen Laptop

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  • Charlie Flowers

    I’d definitely go crazy trying to rid the screens of my fingerprints! 😀

  • Virtual Keyboard

    Let’s try how it will work.

  • MX Laptop

    ouch a touchscreen…

  • Aztek18

    This is fantastic, think of the possibilities for viewing media – books, comic books, movies, DS-style games, fantastic

  • bailey

    i love it,but one thing i it can have is a webcam then it would be PERFECT!! i’m such a geek 😉