Apple’s Smart Bezel Patent Could Add Secondary Display To iPhone And iPad

We have seen some patents previously from Apple about a smart bezel for iOS devices, but a new one has just been revealed, and the details look very interesting.

The latest patent for an Apple Smart Bezel, would see Apple using the bezel as a secondary display, which uses a printed segmented electroluminescent display, and this would be used to show illuminated indicators on the bezel.

apple smart bezel patent 1The illuminated indicators would then be able to change and display different things, for example you would be able to see gaming controls and productivity controls built into the front side of the bezel.

The patent also points to controls that could also be built in to the back of a device, like the back of the iPhone or iPad, you can find out full details on this new Smart Bezel patent from Apple over at Patetnly Apple.


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