Apple Two Step Authentication Launches For Extra Apple ID Security

To bolster the security on its Apple ID for users, Apple has this week rolled out Apple Two Step Authentication for users via the account login process.

Now Apple ID users concerned about unauthorised access to their Apple account can enable Apple Two Step Authentication for added security.

Apple Two Step Authentication

Follow the instructions below to enable the Apple Two Step Authentication now:

– Go to My Apple ID (
– Click the “Manage your Apple ID” button to login to your Apple ID
– Enter your Apple ID and password and click “Sign In”
– Select “Password and Security” in the left hand column to setup Apple Two Step Authentication
– Type in the answers to your account security questions if you are prompted to answer them.
– You will see Two-Step Verification at the top of the page. Click on “Get Started” and follow the on-screen instructions.

“You must wait 3 days to enable Apple Two Step Authentication. This waiting period helps ensure that no one other than the owner of this Apple ID can set up two-step verification. A notification email will be sent to all addresses we have on file. Thank you for your patience.”

Source: TUAW

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