Apple MacBook Air WiFi Issues Reportedly Affecting Owners

It seems that some owners of Apple’s new MacBook Air systems are experiencing issues with their Wi-Fi connectivity and many have taken to the Apple Support Forums in search of an answer.

Currently the few thousand Apple MacBook Air owners who have published their issuers to the Apple Support Forums reveal that the Wi-Fi connectivity issues are being experienced across numerous different Wi-Fi routers and connections, pointing to the MacBook Air as the culprit.

Macbook Air Wifi Issues

The problems with Wi-Fi connectivity seems to happen after a successful connection to a Wi-Fi network is made, then after a couple of minutes the connection will suddenly stop working. Forcing owners to fully re-boots their MacBook Air systems to make the connection once again. Strangely enough the problem seems to be made worse if the MacBook Air is placed on a desk.

Apple has yet to respond to its customers who are experiencing these Wi-Fi connectivity problems, but as soon as more information is released by Apple we will keep you updated as always.

Do you own a new Apple MacBook Air? if you do are you experiencing problems with your Wi-Fi connectivity? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Gizmodo

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