Apple iWatch Gets Help From Ex Tag Heuer Sales Director

Apple iWatch

There have been reports in the past that Apple had been trying to get the help of Swiss watchmakers on their new Apple iWatch, although we heard that the Swiss watchmakers didn’t want to help Apple out.

Now according to a recent report, Apple has managed to hire a sales director from luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer to help the with the Apple iWatch.

The name of the previous Tag Heuer marketing director has not been revealed, and Apple has apparently tried to get a number of high level employees from various watchmakers to join Apple, although they have apparently had limited success.

Tag Heuer is owned by LMVH who also own luxury brands like Hublot and Zenith, and the news comes direct from the haed of LMVH’s watch brands, Jean-Claude Biver.

Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 2000

Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 2000 which retails over $100,000

According to CNBC, Apple is looking to market the iWatch as ‘Swiss Made’, although in order for them to use the ‘Swiss Made’ name on their watch, they would actually have to manufacture the iWatch in Switzerland, or it would have to have a watch movement inside it that is made in Switzerland,  Swiss law prevents the use of the term on any watches that are made outside of Switzerland.

We are expecting the new Apple iWatch to launch in September, Apple are said to be launching two versions, one designed for sports and fitness, the other is said to be a ‘Designer’ version, we wonder if this version will be made in Switzerland.

Source CNBC, Apple Insider

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