Amazon Limits Kindle Touch 3G Web Access To A Handful Of Sites

If you thought you would be able to happily surf the web on your new Kindle Touch 3G device you might be a little disappoint to learn that Amazon is no longer offering an open 3G web access through its new Kindle Touch 3G reader.

When the new Kindle Touch 3G was launched last week there was a little confusion over the wording used to explain the web surfing features of the new device, which said “experimental web browsing is available via Wi-Fi.”


Kindle Touch 3G

After a lot of speculation on the Kindle forums Amazon has now clarified the situation explaining:

“We apologize for the confusion. Our new Kindle Touch 3G enables you to connect to the Kindle Store, download books and periodicals, and access Wikipedia – all over 3G or Wi-Fi. Experimental web browsing (outside of Wikipedia) on Kindle Touch 3G is only available over Wi-Fi,”

 “Our Kindle Keyboard 3G will continue to offer experimental web browsing over 3G or Wi-Fi.”

Websites you will be able to surf via 3G include Kindle Store and browsing Wikipedia.

Source: PC Mag

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  • Anonymous

    Kindle Fire doesn’t have microSD slot that Nook Color has thus it is
    stuck with 6 GB usable internal storage unlike Nook Color that can get
    up to 32 GB card in. Kindles are made to be almost like a “dumb
    terminal” of the past to make sure you’re tied up to Amazon’s storage on
    the web (for which you need Wi-Fi connection to get to.) and you can
    only store content you get from Amazon there, not other files and they
    can spy on your web activities through the new cloud-integrated web
    browser. Also, VERY IMPORTANT – lack of microSD slot means that if you
    decide to root your Kindle Fire, you’ll have to root the actual device
    thus there will be no coming back. On Nook, you can make it boot from a
    “rooted” microSD card and if you want to get back to the original Nook
    you can just take out the card and reboot. Nook Color still has the best
    on the market anti-glare coated screen that is better for 
    eading/viewing outside.

    B&N is rumored to be coming out with Nook Color 2 shortly that will
    sure to have Netflix app among others (you won’t find it on Kindle).
    Nook Touch is still better designed than even the new Kindle Touch with
    battery lasting two months with ONE hour reading a day with Wi-Fi off
    thus it’s still twice as long as new Kindle’s two months with HALF and
    hour a day with Wi-Fi off. It looks like Kindle didn’t get any battery
    improvement in the new model, they only changed the test condition.
    More, Kindle Touch still flashes black on each page turn while Nook
    Touch reduces the flashing by 80%.