YouTube For Kids Under 10 Currently In Development

It has been reported this week that Google is currently in the process of developing and building a new version of YouTube specially designed for children under 10 years old.

Google has already started gauging developers interest and asked creators for children orientated content for the new YouTube for kids, according to multiple sources.

youtube for kids

As any user on YouTube will already know the content on the video sharing and streaming website can be very diverse and not always suitable for children to view. The development of a new YouTube for children, if done correctly will be a great addition to the YouTube site and will build on the safety filters that Google has already integrated into its site to stop inappropriate content being showed to minors.

However questions are already being asked about the advertising that will be shown within the upcoming YouTube for kids service and whether this will be appropriate for viewing or similar to that you already see when the filters are turned on for children and advertising shown is still sometimes questionable.

As more information becomes available from either Google or sources close to the development of the new YouTube for kids we will keep you updated as always.

Source: TNW

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