WIN&I Touchless Gesture Control Software For Windows 7 And Kinect (Video)

We have already seen lots of cool Kinect hacks here at Geeky Gadgets, now a company called Evoluce has released some software that will let you use your Microsoft Kinect with your Windows 7 PC to control a range of functions on your PC, called WIN&I.

You can see the software in action in the video below, and some of the features look pretty interesting, and certainly looks a lot more fun than using your keyboard and mouse.

Win&I Kinect Windows Software


The leading provider of advanced natural user software and displays Evoluce, releases the software in two editions. WIN&I Home Edition offers touchless gesture control for Windows 7, Windows Media Center, Internet Browsers and thousands of applications. The WIN&I Business Edition adds gesture control to Microsoft Office and gives the opportunity to present with PowerPoint in a new amazing way with special features like the laser pointer mode.

You can find out full details about this new gesture control software for Windows and Microsoft Kinect over at Win&I, and prices start at 19.90 Euros which is about $28.



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