Vivax Is the Most Rugged Notebook Case around

If you have a notebook that you take with you on the road, chances are you’re most likely to damage it during transit. Pulling a notebook bag in and out of a taxi, a car, or an overhead compartment in an aircraft is when many people drop their notebook bag and damage their computer. A new case on Kickstarter right now promises to be the most protective laptop case you’ll ever find.


The case is called the ViVAX and it reminds me a lot of the incredibly rugged Pelican cases that have been around for years. The case is designed to fit all laptops ranging between 12 and 18 inches in screen size. The case has a strap to hold laptop securely inside along with high-density strips of foam that add more protection.

The case is available in dark gray or bright orange and can be had with some special finishes exclusively on Kickstarter. These exclusive finishes include hand-painted cases, a carbon fiber version, and a Kevlar fiber version. The normal case sells for £59 with a special version selling for considerably more. The project was seeking £15,000 and has so far raised £16,500.

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