uniPi Raspberry Pi Aluminium Case Now Available For $35

There are plenty of plastic cases available for the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC, but if you are looking for something a little bit more rugged and stylish you might be interested in this Raspberry Pi aluminium case in the form of the uniPi case.

The Raspberry Pi uniPi case has been designed by David Pazdan, who originally launched it on the Kickstarter crowd funding website to raise enough funds to make the jump from concept to production.

Raspberry Pi Aluminum Case

The design of the Raspberry Pi uniPi case provides it with the perfect combination of durability, strength and affordability and is now available to purchase for $34.99 directly from the pazdanllc website and Adafruit. The Raspberry Pi uniPi case is available in either an aluminium finish or powered white or black finish to suit your setup. Pazdan explains:

“Like many other new owners of the amazing Raspberry Pi device, I went searching the internet for an affordable, rugged case that also looked great. The problem was that none of the cases I found were strong in all categories. The best you could find was an affordable case that looked great but wasn’t very durable…or a great looking durable case that cost more than the Raspberry Pi itself. I knew they’re had to be a better way….

So I turned to my father, Louis Pazdan, who has over 30 years of high precision manufacturing experience. With his help, we designed and built early prototypes of a case that was affordable, great looking, and extremely durable. I liked the end result so much, I decided to make it available to the Pi community. Personally, I think the uniPi case we developed is the perfect companion to Raspberry Pi.”

For more information on the new Raspberry Pi uniPi case jump over to the Pazdanllc website for details. You might also be interested in a new airbag smartphone case created by Honda we featured earlier this week.

Raspberry Pi Aluminium Case

Source: Adafruit

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