Tomb Raider Film In The Works Based On Franchise Reboot

Tomb Raider 1 and 2 were some of the first breakout video game films. The films achieved a degree of success that put the category on the map, despite mostly halting efforts even today. So it’s only fitting that a new film is coming featuringĀ Lara’s new image, one that will move forward from the earlier Angelina Jolie-fronted efforts.

Tomb Raider

“They are working from this new take that we’ve given them,” according to Crystal Dynamics’sĀ Darrell Gallagher. “It’s a good partnership. We’re seeing the challenges through the same lens.

“It was important for both of us to have a cohesive version of the franchise. We didn’t want to see a film version that was a continuation of the old Tomb Raider films.”

Source Variety

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