Steampunk Submarine Room

Wayne Eyre, a steampunk fan has turned his den into the ultimate steampunk themed room, the Steampunk Submarine Room.

The Steampunk Submarine Room is designed to look like a shipwrecked submarine, and it even features ‘plutonium leaking’ torpedoes, as well as a projector and screen, plus a custom sound system.

Steampunk Submarine Room

Steampunk Submarine Room

The Steampunk Submarine Room cost Wayne $100,000 New Zealand dollars to make , about $72,000 US, and was made using custom peices of MDF, which were then sprayed with concrete and touch up to look like rusted steel beams.

The room even has its own working periscope, along with a full sized bar and some leather recliners.

HacknMod via Gizmo Watch

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  • Don

    Wow. so cool. My wife took one look and said ‘no, the living room stays as it is’

  • Michael

    Woooaaagghh!!! O_O It’s like you’re in a ship! A ship that go under a house and transform the basement into a lounge for a cross between Jack Sparrow and Eli! That’s sooo COOL!!! 😀

  • pete

    awesome man,thats just awesome