SquareWear 2.0 Wearable Open Source Arduino Board Launches (viedo)

The new SquareWear 2.0 wearable open source Arduino board was first unveiled back in November of last year, and those of you who have been patiently waiting for its arrival will be pleased to know but the new is now available to order the $23.

Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the SquareWear 2.0 wearable open source Arduino board and see it in action.

SquareWear 2

The SquareWear 2.0 is an Arduino-based open-source wearable microcontroller board, that measures just 1.7 x 1.7 inches in size, and is equipped with a built-in LIR2032 rechargeable Lithium coin battery.

Other features of the SquareWear 2.0 include a number of integrated components all listed below and can be programmed using Arduino IDE. Enabling you to create a variety of low powered wearable applications.

– ATmega328 running at 3.3V, 12MHz.
– MCP1700 3.3V / 250mA LOD.
– MCP73831 lithium charging chip (configured to charge at 35mA).
– MCP9700 temperature sensor.
– 10K photo-resistor.
– Four 2N7002 MOSFETs.
– 5050 color LED.
– 8.5mm SMT buzzer.
– 6mm SMT tactile button.
– Charging indicator LED.
– LIR2032 rechargeable lithium coin battery (45mAh capacity).
– 2.0mm JST connector for external lithium battery.
– SMT mini-USB port, and power switch.

For more information on the new SquareWear 2.0 a Wearable open source Arduino board jump over to the Rays Hobby website for full details or to purchase for $23. You might also be interested in the ARM-Powered Rex Robot Controller Board.

SquareWear 2

Source: Rays Hobby : Hack A Day

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