Spiral Watch Design

TokyoFlash has another weird and wonderful concept watch design on show, looking to make the jump from concept to production over on its website, called the Spiral.

The Spiral watch, as you would think has a spiral design on its face which shows the current hours of minutes. Its been designed by Ignacio from Spain, and is an analogue watch rather the more popular LED or electronic watches normally showcased by TokyoFlash.

Spiral Watch

Reading the time from the watch isn’t apparent at first glance, but as with most of the watches from TokyoFlash, once you know where to look it becomes considerably easier. The hands are actually small white dashes within the spiral and the broad marks the hours, and double fine minutes, as in the image below.

Spiral Watch

Source: TokyoFlash

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  • http://join7minuteworkout.com/ Donna Phillips

    this is amazing, I can’t figure this out… do you have a video?