Replacing the Xbox One’s HDD

When a new console comes out, it doesn’t come with the latest and greatest hardware on the market. Shocking as that may be, there are some things you can swap out with a little know how to give your console a little extra boost – one of those things being the hard drive. A few people decided to see how higher end hard drives would stack up against the stock hard drive in the Xbox One, and the results may surprise you.

The Xbox One’s 2.5-inch Samsung HDD is connected via a SATA II cable, making it pretty easy to swap out for something else with a SATA II connection – for those who don’t know, that’s the standard connection for pretty much all PC hard drives. The two alternative drives put to use were a 500GB Samsung EVO SSD (solid state drive) and a 1TB Seagate hybrid SSHD (a cross between an SSD and a HDD).

Surprisingly enough, the stock hard drive wasn’t much slower than the other two, loading Call of Duty: Ghosts  only 6.5 seconds slower than the next fastest hard drive. The hybrid was the next slowest and the solid state was the fastest, but just barely (the difference was less than a second).

As of right now, there’s no real performance reason to replace your Xbox hard drive, but you could get a lot more memory out of the deal. Be warned though, you’ll void your warranty and probably get banned from Xbox Live if you choose to do so.

Source – Engadget

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