Rare Leica Gun Expected To Raise $100K At Auction

These days rifle supports for telephoto camera lenses are fairly common practice to help photographers gain that little extra support when taking shots with heavy telephoto lenses.

However back in the 1930s they weren’t quite so common and a rare Leica Telephoto Assembly Rifle otherwise known as “the Leica Gun” or, in Germany, as the“Leica Gewehr” has now been put up for auction and is expected to raise anywhere between $65k – $100k.

Leica Camera Gun

The 70 year old Leica Gun was created back in 1930 by the E. Leitz agency in New York, and this example is marked “E. Leitz Inc. New-York.” and comes complete with special baseplate, original case, a 200mm Telyt f4,5, a Leica IIIa together with an eyepiece magnifier for the PLOOT.

If you have deep pockets and would like to move a little part of Leica history the Leica Gun now up for auction.

Source: Gizmodo

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