P12 Jetpack Will Be Available To Purchase In 2 Years For $200k (video)

If you fancy your very own jetpack you might like to start saving for this awesome P12 Jetpack that is now currently ready to pre-order for $200,000 with delivery starting in two years now now.

The P12 Jetpack is currently in its development stages but you can see the latest prototype, P12 Jetpack being flown by remote control after the jump.

P12 Jetpack

P12 Jetpack

“The Martin Jetpack is the result of inspiration and many years of development work by Glenn Martin and an enthusiastic team of engineers and other experts. It uses sophisticated composites and a highly efficient propulsion system to achieve the goal of personal flight, with many safety features including a ballistic parachute.

P12 Jetpack

Originally designed with the leisure market in mind, the Martin Jetpack has found strong demand from a wide range of markets, including military, civil defence and recreation. It is in the final stages of development for the first commercial customers, mainly Government users such as Search and Rescue and Police.”

For more information on the new P12 Jetpack jump over to the Martin Jetpack website for details.

Source: Martin Jetpack : Tech Crunch : Gizmodo

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