NVIDIA ShadowPlay Announced To Continually Record Your Gaming Moves

NVIDIA has this week announced and unveiled NVIDIA ShadowPlay which is a game recording utility which NVIDIA will be launching for free via their GeForce Experience software.

NVIDIA ShadowPlay has been developed by NVIDIA to allows gamers to be an always on screen recorder making sure gamers never miss out on those awesome combo and kills for bragging rights.

NVIDIA ShadowPlay

ShadowPlay will be a feature inside the NVIDIA GeForce Experience and has been created to only take a small amount of processing power away from the system so gamers can still enjoy the gameplay even when it is recording footage.

ShadowPlay has been created to use the H.264 video encoder built-in to every Kepler GPU to “seamlessly” record your last 20 minutes of gameplay, in 20 minutes chunks. ShadowPlay uses a driver built-in to the Kepler graphics card and will be able to run continually.

The high quality setting on ShadowPlay is capable of recording a 30Mbps video bitrate and 48Hz 16-bit audio in to a 675MB video file without audio, and 708MB file with audio.

Source: Slashgear : Forbes

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