Modern Warfare 3 Disc Stolen From Warehouse, Triggering Piracy Craze

Ah, humans and their foibles. Rather than wait for the official release, news has emerged that a warehouse/secure location housing Modern Warfare 3 discs was burglarized, resulting in a pirated MW3 that’s been going the rounds. Activision has sprung into action to avert the crisis, even going so far as to allow anyone who’s partaken in the stolen goods to surrender their games.

Modern Warfare 3

The details that have surfaced reveal a familiar modus in game piracy. Turns out a person working for a Fresno-based shipping warehouse got a hold of disc two. Since Modern Warfare 3 is a two-disc package, there was the slight reassurance that the whole game hadn’t been leaked.

Still, such actions post a threat to Activision’s hottest title, especially less than two weeks before it finally explodes all over the place. Analysts have already predicted wall to wall sales for MW3 and having a piracy pandemic at this critical time might hurt the projected numbers, like more than a billion dollars in sales.

To avoid this nightmare scenario, Activision are fighting back old school. They’re literally going door to door (not sure which doors though) asking people to either turn over pirated discs or delete files of the game. So far it has worked, with one pirate going so far as to post a message on Craigslist encouraging people to turn it over rather than face a steep fine of $5,000.

Source Venturebeat


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