Iron Man Mark V Armor Power Bank Makes Sure You Never Run Out of Battery

Iron Man Charger

There’s no shortage of power banks and portable chargers in the market, if you fancy something attractive and unique, take a look at the Iron Man Mark V Armor portage charger.

The power bank comes with a massive 12,000 mAh battery capacity to provide users with enough power to charge a tablet or a smartphone.

The charger comes with two USB ports, one isĀ 5V at 1 amp and other is 5V at 2 amp. This means users can simultaneously charges a tablet and a smartphone at the same time. The power bank can charge almost all possible devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android devices, etc. Actually, you can charge almost all devices, but some of them may require a specific USB cable.

Each Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell has 12,000 mAh of power. That’s enough to charge an iPhone 5S five times! The Iron Man Fuel Cell also has two USB ports (5V at 1 amp and 5V at 2 amp), so you can charge a tablet and phone at the same time. But this just isn’t a Mobile Fuel Cell, it’s also a 1/4 scale prop replica, as the Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell was designed using the original prop and 3D digital files provided by Marvel. If you like showing off technology, charging your doodads, and carrying a little bit of Iron Man in your pocket, then this is the charger for you!

The charger isn’t too cheap, and you’ll have to shell out $99.99 if you want to get your hands on this fancy charger.

Source: ThinkGeek

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