iPhone 5 Zapped By 5 High Powered Lasers (video)

As with any Apple iPhone launch, it is quickly followed by a range of videos created to see how the iPhone 5 will stand up to a .50 caliber bullet and the like, with obvious results.

However laser maker Wicked Lasers has taken a slightly different route and tested the iPhone 5’s durability against 5 x 1.25 watt high powered lasers, and documented the tests for all to see. Check out the movie after the jump.

Wicked Lasers iPhone 5

Wicked Lasers arrange 5 x Spyder III Arctics 1.25watt lasers just a few feet from a brand new iPhone 5, and stood back as the lasers started to burn a hole right through the Apple smartphone screen. With credit to the iPhone it stood up well to the laser test but was then finished with a high powered torch.

Source: Slashgear

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