iOS Developers Launch IndieDevLab, Alternative To WWDC 2012

Apple started selling tickets for its WWDC 2012 earlier this week, the tickets were sold out in under two hours, and many developers missed out on them because Apple started selling them at 5.30 AM Pacific time.

This meant that many developers who lived in the West Coast, missed out on WWDC, and considering there is a large developer community there, they have decided to hold their own alternative to WWDC, called Indie Dev Lab.

Indie Dev Lab

Indie Developer Lab brings together the iOS and OS X developer community by bringing the heart of the big San Francisco conference to everybody –the labs. Here you can meet up with other professionals in the industry and get a second pair of eyes.

The Indie Dev Lab will take place from the 12th to 14th of June just a few blocks away from where Apple holds its WWDC in San Francisco, you can find out more details over at the IndieDevLab.

Source BGR

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