Icewind Dale Could Follow Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Success

Considering the dearth of hardcore old school RPGs not only on both their home platform, PC , but hugely promising ones like consumer tablets, using the potential success of Beamdog’s upcoming revamp of legendary CRPG franchise Baldur’s Gate as a springboard for development on other beloved series makes a lot of sense.

“The topic of Icewind Dale has come up a number of times,” Beamdog’s Trent Oster said. “If we were to do Icewind Dale we would likely use our codebase, so all classes and kits in ToB,” he added. “We are interested, but first we need #bgee to succeed.” Not my first choice, but still a welcome sign of things to come, as evidenced by the developer’s further comments. “If we were to do a #BG3 we would probably develop a new engine and tool path. Clipping map areas is not an ideal level art workflow.”

Source Twitter

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