Glass Speakers

We have featured many different types of speakers here on Geeky Gadgets but glas speakers are definitely a first.

Created by Greensound Technology the glass speakers create a 360 degree audio experience from flat glass. watch the video after the jump to see them in action.

glass speakers

Inspired by the ice of a glacier the glass speakers are available in a number of different configurations and even have the option of an added subwoofer.

Each speaker can output 25 watts of power and offers 300Hz-15kHz frequency range. This can be increased by adding the Bravura subwoofer to give you lows down to 40Hz, driven by up to 150-watts of power.

glass speakers

Via Crunch Gear Via Greensound Technology

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  • zack latif

    this is awsooooooome :)

  • Kether Darshan

    With most speakers the box functions to contain the rear firing wave of the cone so that there is no destructive cancellation. Is there a problem with interference between the front firing wave and rear firing wave in this design? How is that avoided?