FCC Report Says Broadband Speeds in the US Deliver on Promises by ISPs


The FCC was gathering information on the performance of broadband around the US back in 2013 using special routers that had monitoring software installed on them. These routers were given out to 10,000 volunteers so that the FCC could compile a report on performance in the broadband industry. The finished report found that for the most part, American’s are getting the broadband speeds promised.

According to the report, most major ISPs deliver 120% of the performance they promise. That means for many, the speed of their broadband connection is actually faster than what they are paying for. However, not all was perfect in the broadband industry. The FCC found that if you are on DSL, you are more likely to get less speed than you are paying for.

In fact, DLS providers often provided users with only 64% of the promised performance. That means if you are on DSL odds are your delivered speeds are less than you pay for. The report also found congestion to be a big issue and the FCC is now looking into how to alleviate some of that congestion.

via eweek

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