Driver Gets A Traffic Ticket For Wearing Google Glass

Cecilia Abadie could be the first person ever to receive a traffic ticket for wearing Google Glass whilst driving, you can see the ticket below, which shows that the reason for the ticket was Google Glass.

Cecilia posted the ticket on Google+, the police office who gave her the ticket listed the following, Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass).

This is probably the first traffic ticket given to someone for wearing Google Glass whilst driving their car, and it raises the question of whether or not it is actually legal to drive whilst wearing a Google Glass device.

Google Glass

Cecilia’s post has gotten a lot of interest in Google+, on whether or not it is legal to use Google Glass whilst driving, and we suspect there may be more cases of this in the future.

It will be interesting to see what happens, Cecilia was driving in California when she received the ticket, you can find out more details over at her Google+ page.

Google just announced Google Glass 2, which will be offered to existing users of Google Glass who owned their device before the 28th of October.

Google Glass 2

Owners of the current Google Glass devices will be able to swap their Google Glass for the new model, as yet it is not clear on whether this will be a free swap or whether there will be some cost involved.

Source Engadget

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