Comcast Xfinity Remote iPad Lets You Control Your TV

Comcast has shown off a new application for Apple’s iPad that will let users control their TV using the iPad, it basically lets you control your Comcast cable box with the iPad, you can choose to watch a particular channel or even record one of your favourite shows.

It has another interesting feature, that will let you share TV shows with your friends, you can invite them to watch the same show as you, check out the video below to see how it works.

Comcast Xfinity Remote iPad Lets You Control Your TV

The application does look pretty good, and the way you can find programs easily without having to search through hundreds of channels on your cable box seems very useful.

There are no details on when the Xfinity Remote will be released for the iPad.

via 9 to 5 Mac

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  • James

    This was a much anticipated release from Comcast. The app also allows you to stream live TV, though it unfortunately limits you to the walls of your home. I am a DISH Network subscriber and employee, and I have been able to stream live HD TV anywhere to my android! DISH Network has released their Remote Access app that not only provides live TV, but on demand content and all my DVR recordings streamed on-the-go!! I couldn’t be happier with this app.