Raspberry Pi Maynard Desktop Environment In Development (video)

Raspberry Pi Maynard

Raspberry Pi mini PC owners might be interested to learn that the new lightweight desktop environment is currently being created for the Raspberry Pi called Maynard, which is based on the Wayland display server protocol.

The Wayland support will allow the new Raspberry Pi Maynard desktop environment to enjoy the full power full provided by the ‘hardware video scaler’ (HVS) at the core of the device, using Wayland and Weston compositor APIs, says the systems creators.

The new Raspberry Pi Maynard desktop environment features a small dock on the lefthand side, similar to the one found in the GNOME Shell and will be available on other Linux distributions once its fully finished.

“While it’s some distance from being ready for the prime time, we though we’d share a preview so you can see where we’re going.” Check it out in the video below.

For more information on the Raspberry Pi Maynard desktop environment and instructions on how to install it on another distributions, such as Ubuntu. Jump over to the OMG Ubuntu website for full details followng the link below, and who explains :

“While designed primarily for use with the single-board Raspberry Pi computer, the modern-looking Maynard GUI uses Weston and GTK so will run fine on most modern Linux distributions.”

Source: OMG Ubuntu

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