Microsoft Offering Free Office 365 Subscription for One Year If You Bring Your iPad to A Microsoft Store

Microsoft released the much awaited Office for iPad, iPhone and Android yesterday, but to make full use of the latest suite, a user is required to have an active Office 365 subscription.

For those of you who like the new Office for iPad, but don’t want to shell out $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, Microsoft is offering an exciting promotion. The first 50 customers who will bring their iPad to a Microsoft store will get a free Office 365 subscription for one year, starting Friday, March 28th and will last until March 30th.

Office for iPad

Recently, Office for iPad went live and requires an Office 365 subscriptions for complete functionality. The app is available for free in the App store, but if you don’t have a subscription, you won’t be able to do much except reading documents and spreadsheets.

If you want to grab a free Office 365 subscription for a year and save a $100 bucks, you have to act fast and make sure you’re the first person in line before Microsoft store open its doors.

Source: Facebook, ZDNet

Image Credit: Microsoft

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