DIY Augmented Reality Eye Patch Provides Extra Senses

Augmented reality is much more accessible than in the past but sometimes its still a little bit of a pain to access from your smartphone when required.

Gregory McRoberts has a new solution which makes accessing Augmented reality much easier and more convenient, via an AR eye patch he has created.

Gregory McRoberts AR Eye Patch

The AR eye patch has been created to provide users with users with senses that humans would not normally be able to benefit from such as the ability to “see” temperature and precise distance. The AR eye patch has been built using Arduino and is equipped with an ultrasonic distance sensor and an infrared temperature sensor

“Socially wearing the device is another story. Of course here at OCAD-U it I easily accepted and met with great curiosity and fanfare but in public people don’t understand what it is. Hearing aids are well accepted for their sleek, tight form factor so that I am sure is a huge part of why people are uncomfortable with it. I have been asked most of all if the device is recording them. It has no camera or the capability to record any of the incoming information. But just like a hearing aid it provides what is missing and gives the wearer new information in a usable way”

Explains Gregory McRoberts, for more information on the AR eye patch jump over to his blog post.

Source: Slashgear

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