Yotaro Baby Simulator

There are numerous baby simulator dolls available in the marketplace to teach people how to properly care for a newborn. The Yotaro Baby Simulator is a bit different from the average doll.

Yotaro Baby Simulator

The Yotaro Baby Simulator is a robotic baby simulator with an interactive screen for a face. The screen-face can display a variety of facial expressions, movements, and some of the natural characteristics people can expect to see in babies. There is a system in the simulator that can sense and watch what a person does and then provide a sophisticated and child-like reaction.

Although the Yotaro Baby Simulator is a robotic device, the creators of the gadget attempted to make the robot as life-like as possible. When using the Yotaro, people can have an authentic experience when caring for the baby. For example, the baby can actually cry real tears on its 2-d face. This makes the device far more sophisticated than most of the dolls on the market.

The Yotaro Baby Simulator is concept technology created by Japan’s University of Tsukuba. Unfortunately, the simulator cannot be purchased. However, it’s the perfect robot to teach people about parenting and childcare.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alina-Smith/100001162167577 Alina Smith

    the Japanese baby simulator looks like a big stuffed
    animal bear with a baby’s face projected on to it. It’s actually got a
    lot of complex stuff going on inside it, for better or worse. I just
    wonder why they didn’t make it look more like a real baby if they were
    going for simulation.

  • http://profiles.google.com/daceymathers Dacey Mathers

    Yotaro baby simulator is different from other baby simulator since it gives different facial expression and it actually weeps and to give a real feeling of real baby