Xtreamer Ultra HTPC Launching For $100

Xstreamer has today announced that its new media player the Xtreamer Ultra HTPC the Ion 2 based PC will be priced at $100 when it starts shipping in juts over 7 days and will be showcased at CeBit 2011.

The new Xtreamer Ultra HTPC will be available to ordered with a dual-core Atom D525, Ion 2, up to 4GB of DDR3 memory, HDMI / DVI outputs and support for IR control. Its been designed to be a low cost PC with full HD media streaming built in.

Xtreamer Ultra HTPC

The Xtreamer Ultra is designed for convenient connectivity, and comes with a multitude of I/O ports to cater to an assortment of devices. Aside from the USB (x6), DVI, HDMI, Ethernet, and audio- out ports, the Xtreamer Ultra also has an eSATA port which lets you enjoy high speed data transfers from external storage devices.

For more information on the Ultra HTPC visit the Xtreamer website

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  • Contact

    its not lauching @ 100 euros thats a limited edition deal price for which you have to win a competition of sorts. the actual lauch price is 200 euros

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  • Turtle

    No Usb 3.0??

    Usb 2.0 is not enough for higher bitrate movies!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jermniac Jorge Reinozo

    I’m glad they didn’t go with USB-3.0, At first that was the only thing that drew me away from it. But like they stated already, USB-3.0 would have alot of driver issues with the OS you plan to put in there. So that being said USB is a winner winner Chicken Dinner. It’s smarter to play movies via e-Sata, lol not over USB. I also plan to hook an external BLURAY player to this baby ^_^ To play all my mkv and blurays borrowed from friends hehe