XIM3 Xbox 360 Keyboard And Mouse Controller Arrives (video)

If you have been waiting for the arrival of the new XIM3 controller which allows you to hook-up a keyboard and mouse to your Xbox 360. You will be pleased to know that the wait is now over and they are available to purchase from the manufactures website.

However due to the demand of the XIM3 you might already have missed the first wave of production devices, if you haven’t already put in your order. Watch the video after the break to see a demo of the XIM3 in action with the Call of Duty: Black Ops game.


The New XIM3 has an LCD screen and equipped with smart translators that are created to handle the various settings in different game titles and remove the dead zones that some FPS shooters use. Making using a keyboard and mouse use on an Xbox a much more enjoyable experience all round.

The new XIM3 controller is available to purchase from the official website for $149.99

Via Engadget

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  • jsngrimm

    you already can add a keyboard to your 360 but only to type with. plug in a usb keyboard and you can type with it. im just using an old generic dell usb keyboard and it makes typing much easier. as for a mouse and keyboard for playing games and such. that could get interesting. it would definatly make pc gamers such as myself feel more at home on an xbox

  • Tassilo

    This is CRAP! When you want to play with mouse and keyboard use a PC!!! Thats like cheating and I think no one likes cheater. I hope Microsoft will find a way to ban this from the XBox!

  • LOL


    This is impossible to be banned as it is no different from an official xbox controller. prepare yourself to get raped xD