The WoW Pod

Here we have the ultimate accessory for World of Warcraft players, the WoW Pod, which is designed like an ‘Orc hut’ from the game.

The Wow Pod has everything you need built in to make your gameplay better, and make sure you never have to leave your PC again, including a built in toilet, food packs, a stove top and a cook pot, and of course a PC and monitor, I wonder why they didn’t put a microwave and a fridge in there.

WoW Pod

WoW Pod

The WoW Pod was designed by Cati Vaucell & Shad/Jahn, it is being exhibited at the MIT Museum until September this year, head on over to the MIT Website for more details and a video of the Wow Pod in action.

Architectradure, via Kotaku, Dvice

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  • Jamie

    I appreciate that it’s built like an orc hut… but I far prefer those spacious living areas in eversong with the sheer curtains and the big velvet beds.

    Now that’s a WOW pod. :)