Worlds Smallest GPS Unit

If you look in the picture below you will see the Worlds Smallest GPS Unit next to a €1 coin (a little bigger than a nickel). The GPS unit is not the metal square to the left of the coin but the tiny black dot in the top left of the metal square!

Believe it or not, thats a fully functional GPS unit fitted with ARM CPU and firmware and draws 58 milliwatts of power, called the ORG4472, made by OriginGP.

Worlds Smallest GPS Unit

The tiny GPS unit has been designed for digital cameras and other devices where space is paramount, but not mobile phones as these already have a GPS system included in the SoC.

Well thats what they are saying personally I think its been designed for hightech spy equipment and trackers, but thats just me.

Via CrunchGear

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  • Stuart Halliday

    It doesn’t take 0.058W of power when it does a GPS reading..
    That’s just marketing hype kicking in.
    Plus there are laws of physics regarding the minimum size of the aerial needed.

    So we won’t see these devices as small as a Euro coin…ever!