With 2012 Looming, Apocalypse Kit Goes On Sale

Since bladed and pointy objects have always been cool things to have, outdoor gear purveyors Gerber did the smart thing and put a bunch of sharp knives in a single container. The resulting product is the Apocalypse Kit, a set of dangerous tools (includes a hatchet) for emergency situations. As pictured below, the kit has knives large and small plus a small axe to hurl at zombie skulls. Not sure if there’s a blade perfect for buttering your toast on a ┬ápost-Apocalyptic breakfast.

Gerber Apocalypse kit

The Apocalypse Kit is supposed to be a promotional tie in with The Walking Dead, that rather popular zombie series that has the emotional depth of a teary soap opera. Even the product page is riding on the same hype:

What if it happens? What if our worst fears are realized? If the Dead walk, the continuation of the human race will become a daily struggle. Are you prepared to protect and defend your family and friends? Your best chance lies in the Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit.

Enclosed in a super durable canvas carrying case with reinforced stitching, the kit is compact and packable. To beat the uprising we must work together. We must arm ourselves and organize.

The Apocalypse Kit contains seven different tools for a variety of applications–in the real world, not your smartphone.

Source Gerber



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    Part of me says it is not worth it. Another part of me says buy it and just keep it in my closet, just in case. That parts wins. When do these go on sale and how much?