Windows Phone 8 Users Suffering Random Reboots And More

Microsoft recently launched their new Windows Phone 8 operating system, along with a number of Windows Phone 8 smartphones from makers like HTC and Nokia, and now it would appear that there may be some issues with Windows Phone 8.

It looks like users of Windows Phone 8 are having a couple of issues with their devices, which include random reboots of their device and also some issues with battery life, the issues have be reported to Microsoft’s own support forum and also the forums over at WPCentral and Nokia’s support forums.


The guys over at the Verge have had issues with their HTC Windows Phone 8X device rebooting, and a number of owners of the new Nokia Lumia 920 have also had issues with the handset locking up.

There have also been reports of battery issues, and it seems that the problems are more to do with the OS than any specific hardware, no doubt Microsoft will be working to fix these issues as soon as problem.

If you own one of the new Windows Phone 8 smartphones, and are having problems with it, please leave a comment and let us know as we are interested to find out just how widespread the issue is.

Source The Verge

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