Windows Phone 7 Mango Won’t Get In App Purchasing

We had heard previously that when Windows Phone 7 Mango was released it would bring in app purchasing to Windows Phone 7, unfortunately it looks like developers may have to wait to a later date for in app purchasing to be available on Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft’s Todd Brix recently confirmed in a comment on the Windows Team Blog, that Microsoft is working on bringing in app purchasing to Windows Phone 7 apps, but developers will have to wait until after Mango for the feature to be available.

Windows Phone 7 Mango

@BNID, @Justin Pitta; In app commerce has been on the short list of features we’d like to enable, but unfortunately it did not make the cut for Mango.

Microsoft haven’t as yet given a date for when in app purchases will be available in Windows Phone 7.

Source WMPoweruser


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