Windows 95 on iPhone

If you fancy radically changing the OS on your iPhone you can now consider loading Windows 95 onto it. However you will need the jail broken iPhone and a little technical know-how as this app isn’t available to download from Apple. Check out the video by the iSoft team after the break.


The hack uses a standard copy of Windows 95 and the Bochs emulator. As you may expect the performance is not great but they are looking to develop a hack for Windows XP which I’m sure will do wonders for the performance.

Via Gadgetlite via GadgetVenue

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  • Ali

    Where can you download this app?
    Is it free?

  • Mag1c Wind0w

    You can download the Bochs emulator, with Windows 95 and Windows 3.11, with the Cydia application.
    Your iPhone/iPod Touch must be jailbreaked.

    And this emulator is free of charge!
    Be careful, Windows 95 is VERY slow!!! 😉

  • jdizle

    wow i’ve been trying to riun several different emulators and i cant get a sing thing out of my iTouch. i got my iPod to run MSDOS though.

  • Foo

    What is the Cydia source? Please reply.