Windows 8 Store passes 35,000 total apps

Microsoft’s better late than never Windows 8 app store continues to grow, having added 14,557 apps in the past 35 days alone, according to tracking website MetroStore Scanner. With that number, the Windows 8 app ecosystem has a total of 35,167 apps. 22,000 of those are available in the US market.
This may be far behind Apple and Google, but the new figures have to be encouraging for Microsoft as the software giant struggles to stay relevant and compete. The Windows 8 store debuted with 10,000 apps on October 30, growing to 13,000 within a week. Windows 8 is currently adding about 415 apps a day, which puts the OS on track to hit the 50,000 app mark on February 1.

That’s not bad growth for a late comer.

Source Electronista

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