Windows 8 Sales Below Microsoft’s Internal Projections

Microsoft recently launched their new version of Windows, Windows 8, and along with the new software their launched their first tablet, the Microsoft surface which is powered by Windows RT.

A number of manufacturers have already launched a range of Windows 8 PCs and now according to a recent report, sales of these Windows 8 is below what Microsoft had projected to sell internally.

Windows 8

According to Paul Thurrot, Microsoft were expecting to sell a lot mire copies of their Windows 8 OS than they have done to date, and Microsoft may be blaming Windows 8 PC manufacturers for the slow sales of the OS.

It is not clear as yet just how much below Microsoft’s internal targets sales of their Windows 8 OS are, it will be interesting to see some concrete figures from Microsoft on just how many copies of Windows 8 they have sold.

Source Winsupersite

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