!!! Contest Closed -Win A Brand New 8GB iPod Touch – Geeky Gadgets Giveaway – Contest Closed !!!

This contest is now closed.

The winner will be announced on Monday 20th September

It is time for this Geeky Gadgets Giveaway, and this week we have an awesome prize for our readers, one lucky reader will win a brand new 8GB iPod Touch, that Apple announced last week.

The contest is completely free to enter, and open to Geeky gadgets readers from anywhere in the world, just follow the instructions below to enter.

Win A Brand New 8GB iPod Touch - Geeky Gadgets Giveaway

How to Enter

If you want to win an 8GB iPod Touch, all you have to do is subscribe to our RSS feed, and leave a comment below.

Full details on how to subscribe can be found on our Free Newsletter page.
(If you are already subscribed just leave a comment below).

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Contest Rules

1. The contest will close on Sunday 19th September 2010, at 6PM (UK Time).
2. The winner will be chosen at random from the comments.
3. This contest is open to readers Worldwide.
4. Please make sure you put a valid address in the email
field (so we can email you about the prize).
5. If you subscribe via email please make sure you activate your subscription.
6. The winner will be contacted by email by Monday 20th September 2010.
7. Only one entry per person is allowed, any multiple entries using the same email address and IP address will automatically be disqualified.
8. Winners must respond to email notification within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen at random.
9. If you are on Twitter please Re-Tweet this post, and follow Geeky Gadgets On Twitter.
10. If you own an iPhone, please download our free Geeky Gadgets  iPhone App.
11  If you are on Facebook, please join the Geeky Gadgets Facebook Fan Page.
12. If you live outside the UK we will offer to send you an Apple voucher, Amazon voucher, or PayPal payment to purchase the iPod, including shipping and taxes in your country (You can choose for us to send you the prize, this will take around 14 days).

The winner has now been announced, full details here.

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    first! nom nom nom

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    Yes Please

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    an ipod touch? that’s just great

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    Need one! Thanks! :D

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    count me in! i want one of these so bad!

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    oi oi saveloy

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    Ossom! :O

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    Want. Want! WANT!

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    Always GEE-KING:)
    give it to me,baby:)

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    Awesome! I want it! :)

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    I really want one of these!

  • rodrigobiz

    MY its MY!!!

  • Krishna

    make it mine :D

  • Nguyen

    I really love it!! give it to me please!!

  • http://bugigangaeletronica.blogspot.com Marcelo Hirota

    I hope this time I win

  • gil

    awesome! I hope I win.

  • Gary Smith

    Re-tweeted on Twitter and following on Facebook. I already subscribe to the RSS feed.

  • Mikki

    Ooh, I think this one is gonna be one of the most popular giveaways yet. Good luck everybody!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/enkeli_ Giulia

    me too, thanks :)

  • Denise S

    I am subscribed, thanks.

  • DrAL3X

    I love the new iPod Touch! Good luck to me! :)

  • Luke

    I hope i win

  • Traasje

    i really want one, because all the people surrounding me are saying i can’t sing :(

  • Mustafa Jameel

    great giveaway just want I need!!!

  • Immanuel Jungheim

    Excuse me? Could you pass me an Apple? Cheers mate. ^^

  • http://twitter.com/EyalGersht Eyal Gersht

    I want me one!

  • Vickie Riddle

    Subscriber via google reader, via email and Facebook Fan. Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day!

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    That’s a good idea !

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    Amazing contest, sign me up! lol

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    you guys are so generous!


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    Please please please…

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    It’d be great if I win it :)

    Thanks guys.

  • ricardo menezes

    awesome ipod, i would like to win one please :p


  • Daniel Carneiro

    Great !!! I want it.

  • Jayden

    Im using wasabi!!! :) amazing rss reader

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    I want, I want, I want!

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    I want one!~~~

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    RSS Subscriber, tweeted and shared!

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    I wanna get it !

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    I want to win an 8GB iPod Touch!

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    I would Love to Win one

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    Good luck

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    i’m in

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    Subsribed and twitted and shared @asyatd.Good luck to all!

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    I’m game

  • Apurv Gupta

    Wow, amazing!! Please , let me win this!! lol

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    Wow ! Me likey !

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    omg I so want one :)

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    I’d like to win the iPod touch.

  • Scanny

    awesome! Wanna win!

  • traum



    i like geeky gadgets very much as it helps me get updated for latest tech news on twitter…

  • Michael Duenas

    count me in

  • http://blog.caioromao.com Caio

    Leaving a commet down here!

  • Siebe van dijck

    hope i win this time

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    I subscribe with Google Reader!

  • Louise Gilbert

    Great giveaway! always wanted one of these;)

  • http://pj.attar.free.fr/blog Pj

    i just want one to know how it feels to have one :D

  • Avinash

    Here’s my entry! Hoping I win.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Caleb

    please let me win!!!

  • John

    Fantastic prize!

  • Laura

    me please!

  • Ron

    The New iPod Touch ;)

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    I want one plz

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    One please!! :)

  • http://deontesting.blogspot.com deonplayground

    Awesome contest…good luck everyone!

  • Dan H.


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    I am a subscriber.

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    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance

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    great giveaways guys, thanks!

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    such a beautiful device!

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    :D this is my entry.

  • James

    Really would like one of these :D

  • Alvin

    Great!!!!!! :D

  • http://cavernadourso.tumblr.com Lucas Koehler

    Great job, guys! =P

    Want one!

  • http://krheez8.tumblr.com phiLLip

    I really want this!

  • Christian Thygesen

    :D :D :D

  • Ben

    i would love one of these :D

  • http://www.debeer-fotografie.de Sascho

    holy moly!

    signing in, too

  • Bryan

    Please, I need an Ipod

  • ahmed

    count me in please :)

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    Thanks for the awesome contests that you guys have!:)

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    Me! Me! Choose me!!

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    Awesome gift!!!I love it!

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    Count me in. More power to Geeky Gadgets!

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    Pleeassseee pick me!

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    oooh. please.

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    i would love one please

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    count me in, please.

  • Conny Lindblom

    Thanks for a very good site!
    Icing on the cake would be that I win a contest here!

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    Nothing to say, just: I’M IN!!

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    amazing giveaway! hope I win!!

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    Would be an excellent compliment to my iPad :D

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    Cool! I need to win this!

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    PICK ME!! PICK ME!! I would love to win this great prize!!!!

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    Brilliant prize!!!

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  • Erdem

    This time I hope…

  • Jeremiah

    I want one of these please.

  • Hero

    Me! Me! Choose Me! :D

  • Loren B.

    Awesome contest, if I won I would give it to my little sister for her birthday. Thanks for this opportunity, Have a Great Day and May God Bless the Rest of Your Week.

  • Warren


  • Galdersorg


  • http://www.door2windows.com/ Kishan Bagaria
  • James Mahalchick

    mmm, they’re so sexy :D

  • nik

    woa!!!! im’in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis

    My MP3 player is about 5 years old.
    I guess it’s about time for a new one.
    Preferably free. :)

  • http://www.epic-randomness.com Josh

    Ok, that’s an amazing giveaway. Fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed for this one!

  • Jerry Arnold

    can i have this plz?

  • Andrew Gordon

    Im a subscriber.

  • susan varney

    i would love to have this mverno@roadrunner.com

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    I want one.

  • iNichi

    I’m IN!!!! Thanks… (:

  • Danny

    choose me!

  • Jonathan

    Is this the way to be in the competition?

  • derrick!

    how cool! i love apple!

  • hussain

    i wanna have it!!

  • nolan

    reserve that Ipod for me……….thanks

  • Pratap

    Lol good prize man gud luck to everyone.

  • Levi

    To luck!

  • Sandra K321

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’m the only one in the family that doesn’t have one of these.
    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  • Marcel

    I love apple!!

  • Thomathy

    uh oh this device so so damnit sexy!

  • terri

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    One for my pocket, this would be great. Thank you..

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    I already subscribe!

  • debra b

    yes please would love to win!!

  • Ajitesh nibber

    Count me in too ;)

  • robert

    hmmm yes plaes

  • http://christopherstoney.com Christopher Stoney

    I never win these things. =[

    But juuust maybe this once?

  • lun

    very nice

  • Eduardo

    Do want!

  • Sophia


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    Great Giveaway, I would love to win!

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  • Christoph

    I am lucky this time?

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    r u serious? fantastic!

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    awesome sauce

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    i want it!!!!


    Wow, I love it!


  • http://www.artarmin.com Armin

    I’m not going to win. But as always, woohoo! :D

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    I so want this ipod! I am a subscriber.

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    I’m a confirmed subscriber via email to your newsletter. Thanks for the great giveaway. I’d love to win this ipod.

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    The new iPod Touch looks amazing! Thanks for giving us all a chance :)

    Just subscribed to your RSS feed and Newsletter. WIll RT too (@DinaJ)

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    Nice prize. Great with my BlueRay player and TV system!

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    Outstanding prize!.
    Want one!

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    i hope the random number generator likes the number of my posting.

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    I believe I win ;)

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    ME! PLEASE!!! :D

  • CathyH

    ohohoh..crossing my fingers!

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    Yes please!

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    Great Prize .. iPod touch is something I really need right no. I’m subscribed to the newsletter. Following on twitter and retweeted. Joined the Geeky Gadgets Facebook Fan Page.

  • http://www.librosdebabel.com Contradictorio

    My first gen iPod Touch has served fine but it needs a replacement soon. It would be nice to win this one.


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    here we go.. thanks geeky-gadgets and good luck for everyone..

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  • dee

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    from Canada

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    would take one, even if not an apple fan ;-)

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    I’m an email subscriber & I retweeted.
    Thanks so much.

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    BTW, Great site Geeky Gadgets1

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    Now just have to win.

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    I’m in! Crossing fingers and doing the ‘human parabolic-antenna’ position in order to recollect as much positive energy as possible (??)

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    Pretty Please :D

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    Ipod you pod we all pod for Ipod!!

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    That’s very nice. Please count me in!

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    Would love to win this. Would make me cool as I do some stand up at The Cool Factor’s Improv Show at Space 120 in Palm Springs, CA on September 23.

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    i personally dislike apple, but it would be an awesome gift for a friend

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    i think im the only one from the caribbean! DR rocks!
    Hello everyone!

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    I would love to win this iPod Touch for my daughter. I have been a subscriber to Geeky Gadgets since the dawn of technology.

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    Of course I’m taking part to this very amazing giveaway!!

    Thanks a lot and best regards,
    Francesco (from Italy!)

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  • Sprinkles The Cat

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    I’m subscribed and would Love to win an iPod Touch!

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    I love this new itouch 4. Hope I win! Thanks.

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    i will love you forever if i win this :/

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    One for me! please!

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    Count me in! I’ve had dreams about finally upgrading from my iPod Video lol

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    love these things

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    This is a first for me guys. Woot woot. Love reading your updates kinda max out my twitter updates for them. LOL. Thanks for the rss feed and you know I always RT.

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    MY MUM WANTS ONE!! >:(

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    I pretty much have nothing to entertain me between classes besides a really pathetic 4 year old MP3 player from a really obscure company and it’s got some craaappy sound. I can’t stretch any of my money to afford any kind of iPod and my parents have pretty much given me the cold shoulder in terms of money for spending on non-food/ non-clothing items.

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