!!! Contest Closed – Win A $100 Amazon Gift Voucher – Geeky Gadgets Giveaway -Contest Closed !!!

This contest is now closed, the winner will be announced on Monday 16th August 2010

It is time for this weeks Geeky Gadgets Giveaway, this week we have another cool prize for our readers a $100 Amazon Voucher, as this seems to be popular with our readers.

The contest is completely free to enter and open to Geeky Gadgets readers from anywhere in the world, just follow the instructions below to enter.

Win A $100 Amazon Gift Voucher - Geeky Gadgets Giveaway

How to Enter

If you want to win $100 Amazon gift voucher, all you have to do is subscribe to our RSS feed, and leave a comment below.

Full details on how to subscribe can be found on our Free Newsletter page.
(If you are already subscribed just leave a comment below).

Contest Rules

1. The contest will close on Sunday 15th August 2010 at 6PM (UK Time).
2. The winner will be chosen at random from the comments.
3. This contest is open to readers Worldwide.
4. Please make sure you put a valid address in the email field (so we can email you about the prize).
5. The winner will be contacted by email by Monday 16th August 2010.
6. Only one entry per person is allowed, any multiple entries using the same email address and IP address will automatically be disqualified.
7. Winners must respond to email notification within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen at random.
8. If you are on Twitter please Re-Tweet this post, and follow Geeky Gadgets On Twitter.
9. If you are on Facebook, please join the Geeky Gadgets Facebook Fan Page.
10.If you own an iPhone, please download our free Geeky Gadgets iPhone App.
11.The $100 Amazon gift voucher will be sent to the winner by email, no later than 24 hours after they have claimed the prize.
12. The winner can choose to receive a payment of $100 via PayPal instead of the Amazon voucher if they wish.

The winner has now been announced, full details at the link below.

Winner Of The $100 Amazon Voucher – Geeky Gadgets Giveaway

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    Kid’s Birthday coming up and the gift certificate would help pay for gifts.

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    I have been a subscriber for awhile now and love to be one! Keep them coming. Thanks for the chance at a great prize!

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    Giveaway I’ve never seen and of course I’d like to win!

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    My only and honest reason to really want this voucher is not any kid’s birthday or any books. I just want to buy cds and Star Craft 2 ^^

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    Another great giveaway this week. I appreciate all of your great reviews.

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