Will The Next PlayStation Stop Used Games From Being Played?

With games costing $60, many of us prefer to buy used games and save some money. That’s why the used game market is successful. If a gamer is patient, you can save a lot of money. However, a new patent from Sony could put a stop to all of that if it turns out to be true.
According to a patent Sony filed in September 2012, the company wants to introduce a technology that would tag a game with a user’s account or machine and would be able to tell if that game has been used before. If this is true, gamers will be forced to shell out the big bucks for games.

“As a technique to suppress the second-hand sales and purchase, a user may be first required to send a password or the like to a remote authentication server from a reproduction device (game player) via the Internet and the reproduction of content may be permitted only for the device that has succeeded in authentication.”

I doubt that Sony would alienate that many gamers, but you never know. I guess time will tell.

Source Ubergizmo

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