Wheelchair Turned Electric Vehicle With WHILL Attachment

The average wheelchair may be turned into an electric vehicle, thanks to Japanese company WHILL, which came out with the innovation. Personal mobility is a must for those using wheelchairs and WHILL developed an accessory that will attach to the standard wheelchair.

The add-on gives the wheelchair a boost via its 24-volt motor that’s taking power from a lithium-ion battery pack.

The company plans to sell the product commercially but it will take some time before it reaches consumers as WHILL is still testing the prototype further. Volunteers are welcome to try out WHILL’s newest product, which is called by the same name. Estimate pricing for the product is still unavailable but is expected to come out soon as WHILL is just finalizing the product.

Charging time will be around two hours and a single charge is enough for around 30km. The company could not comment if they would be releasing a hover version, to the dismay of Professor Xavier.

Via: tecca.com

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