Walker: A beer for Zombies, made with goat brains

Zombies will likely eat just about anything, hoping that there are some brains inside, but apparently when it comes to beer they have a very discerning taste. The Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia has created a beer just for Zombies. Dock Street’s Walker beer is now for sale, made from the usual wheat, oats, flaked barley, organic cranberries and oh yeah, goat brains.

zombie-beerYep. Goat brains. Some would say that you’d have to have a goat brain to drink this stuff. You might ask why create a beer for Zombies? Well, Justin Low, the head brewer of Dock Street, loves the Walking Dead just as much as everyone else, so he created this beer in honor of the show. It is an American pale stout, just with goat brains.

The beer will have its official release at Dock Street on March 30 along with the screening of “The Walking Dead” season finale. Don’t drink too much or you may just walk like a Zombie yourself. Hopefully it won’t leave you craving more brains after you get a taste for goat brains in your beer.

Source New Launches

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