Video game helps doctors detect drug abuse

Normally your drug problem is outed due to a urine test. That and and the fact that you are so twitchy and on edge. But now doctors at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital are using a video game to help them identity signs of drug addiction.

The video game, based on a previous research from Dr. Michael M. Fleming of the Northwestern University Feingberg School of Medicine, comes from the same technology used by FBI agents during interrogation. This game is already in its final testing stages.

It works like this. An actor’s voice simulates a hypothetical conversation with a patient. The game generates responses based on the doctor’s questions, and the doctor must be able to identify indicators of possible addiction or abuse based on the simulated patient appearing on the screen before him. The game uses a database simulated dialogs that were recorded by Dr. Fleming when in over 1,000 interviews with drug patients. It looks like the game could cost users about $50 an hour and it is designed to be used for 10 sessions of 15 to 20 minutes each.

I’m not sure this is even worth it. If a patient isn’t going to tell you he has a drug problem, he won’t play the game either. Of course, who said that the patient has to know…That’s a scary thought.

Source Ubergizmo

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