Vector Graphics Plotter Created From Old Inkjet Printer And Arduino (video)

If you have an old inkjet printer gathering dust in your office or home and fancy building your own vector graphics plotter. You might be interested in this project created by YouTube user The Enchanted Beer to create a Vector Graphics plotter.

The SVG plotter has been created using an old Epsom inkjet printer frame together with two stepper motors, motor driver circuitry as well as a CD player laser head moving mechanism. Check out the fully working device in the video after the jump to learn more and see it in action.

SVG plotter

Vector Graphics Plotter

“The code has been significantly changed to be compatible with Processing 2.1.1. Also, some functionality has been added. It can now support “translate” transformations and “rect” paths. “polygon” paths and “matrix” transformations are not yet implemented, but might be eventually. The hardware has been slightly modified: better pen holder, removed unnecessary resistors”

To learn more about the SVG plotter and how to go about making your very own, jump over to the Junk + Arduino website for more details.

Source: Hack A Day

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